Sacred Heart Catholic Church

Our Parish
The Parish of the Sacred Heart is a community of believers in the Roman Catholic tradition, seeking to reach out to all with love, respect and compassion. By prayer, study, and action our family of faith seeks the salvation of souls by:
  • Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Calling all people to a deeper spiritual life and
  • Assisting those in spiritual or temporal need.
We encourage you to full and active participation.
Parish Staff
Parish Priest: Rev. Dariusz Dudzik
Parish Secretary: Mrs. Rita Apicelli
Permanent Deacons: Douglas Hoffman
School Principal: Dr. Gail Kingston
Director of Religious Education: Mrs. Ann Crooks
Coordinators of Youth Ministry: Ronald and Beverly Hanson
Music Director: Mrs. Patricia Snyder
President of the Parish Council: Karen Walters
Vice President of Parish Council: Bev Hanson
Secretary of Parish Council: Jan Ledwidge