The Sacraments are an important part of our every day life as Catholics. It is through the Sacraments that Jesus is present to us in the unique context of His promises. Whether it be a daily Sacrament offered such as Communion, or a one time Sacrament such as Baptism, Jesus stands ready to pour out His Holy Spirit in a special and powerful way through the Sacraments He has left His Church.

Saturday 2:45 PM at Sacred Heart Church

The required instruction is by appointment. Please call the office of the parish where the baptism will take place to schedule an appointment for the Baptism Preparation Class. Baptisms celebrated @ 12:15 PM the Second of the Month at St Mary's and at 1:00 PM the Third Sunday of the month at Sacred Heart.

The Diocese of Norwich requires that engaged couples contact the priest at least one year prior to the wedding date.