Responding to Inclusive Special Education Needs
Learning Resource Center

General Information
RISEN is an inclusive educational ministry, focused on the overall development of the child with special needs, thereby maximizing their potential to the best of their ability. We believe that it is through each child’s differences that we come to learn more about the purposes and philosophical meanings of life.

RISEN is the only special educational program for children within the Diocese of Norwich. For the past eight academic years, Sacred Heart School in Groton has been the host to this initiative which provides an inclusive special educational environment in a private school.

The RISEN LRC is available for any specialized learning and academic enhancement that may be essential to the growth of the child. This includes both remedial support as well as an accelerated program for the exceptional child.
RISEN is an opportunity for value-centered, quality education rooted in the Catholic faith, which is accepting and embraces each child's differences. This experience incorporates academic excellence, faith formation, and enriches the communities we serve.
Faculty and Staff
Special Education Consultant:

Dr. Suzie Lassiter


Mrs. Tracy Davies

Mrs. Trissy Poitras

Mrs. Marlynn O'Donnell