Sacred Heart School Faculty and Staff

The Sacred Heart Team is Second to None
  • 75% of the Faculty have advanced degrees in their area of expertise
  • 1 Faculty member holds a doctorate
  • Paraprofessionals assist faculty in the early grades
  • A full-time on-site nurse stands ready to assist your child
Our faculty and staff readily give of themselves, their time, and their talents to make Sacred Heart School both a home away from home for your child and a platform from which they will launch themselves into a lifelong love of learning.
School Office Personnel
Parish Priest: Rev. Dariusz Dudzik
School Principal: Dr. Gail Kingston
Administrative Assistant: Mrs. Jeanette Lang
Bookkeeper: Mrs. Barbara Simoncini
Assistant Bookkeeper: Mrs. Mary Anne Sherman
School Nurse: Mrs. Michele Nardone
School Faculty
Pre-K 4: Ms. Mary Addison
   Assistant: Mrs. Jennifer Babb
   Assistant: Mrs. Nan Gibeault
Kindergarten: Mrs. Patricia Fleury
Grade 1: Mrs. Cindy Powden
Grade 2: Mrs. Kathleen Doyle
Grade 3: Mrs. Theresa Sammataro
Grade 4: Mrs. Maureen Kamercia
Grade 5: Mrs. Diane Maleno
Grade 6: Mrs. Holly Irwin (Middle School English & Literature)
Grade 7: Mrs. MerriJo Logan (Middle School Science & Math)
Grade 8: Ms. Kelli Hammond (Middle School History & Religion)
Advanced Math: Mrs. Barbara Hamanaka
Computer: Mrs. Barbara Hamanaka
French (K-8): Mme. Joelle Goetz
Spanish (K-8): Senora Luz Nick
Music: Mrs. Pamela Eberly
Art: Mrs. Jamie Jackson
Band: Ms. Liz Gagnon
Physical Education: Mrs. Tana Brewer
Librarian: Mrs. Susan Fountaine
Special Education Consultant: Dr. Suzie Lassiter

Mrs. Tracey Davies

Mrs. Trissy Poitras

Mrs. Marlynn O'Donnell

RISEN Advisory Board Chairperson: Mrs. Kelli Hammond
Food Service
Food Service Manager: Mr. George Ellery
Assistant: Mrs. Rosemary Ackley
Custodial Staff
Supervisor: Mr. Michael Comeau
Staff: Mr. Ronald Hanson
  Mr. George Lang
  Mr. Peter Tashea