Sacred Heart School Board

2017-2018 School Advisory Board Membership

Suki Reilly (Chair)
Christopher Hammond (Vice-Chair)
Ann Crooks (Secretary)

Regene Abandula
David Craig
Joan Feeney
Patrice Granatosky
Dale Grenstiner
Dolores Hauber
Donna LaBranche
Steve Meadows
Bill Michaud
Vicki Woods
Martin Synder
Joseph Zeppieri

Father Dariusz Dudzik (Ex-Officio/Pastor)
Dr. Gail Kingston (Ex=Officio/Principal)

School Advisory Board
Members of the Sacred Heart School Advisory Board, individually and collectively, shall recognize and welcome their responsibility for listening to comments and suggestions concerning this school. Comments affecting policy are to be routed through regular channels onto the School Advisory Board agenda for consideration. The School Advisory Board meets regularly, generally on the 3rd Thursday of each month, September through June.

If you would like an issue to be put on the agenda, it must be in writing and sent to the School Advisory Board President, in care of the school, two weeks prior to the meeting.

To contact the Board please email:
The Mission of the board shall be to consult with the administration and parish to educate children and to facilitate their development into moral, productive, and compassionate members of society.
What Does the "Advisory " Part Mean?
The Board is consultative in the following sense: the members cannot act apart from the administrative team (Pastor and Principal) and cannot make decisions binding the school education program without the administrative team.
Who is on the Board?
Board members are chosen from the community for their diverse background and experience in the following areas: curriculum, business administration, marketing, social work, the law, development, and technology.

The Board is required to maintain a balance of membership that includes representation from outside the school community. Members serve terms of 3 years. New members are nominated by the Nomination Committee, which includes the Pastor, Principal and a Board Member.

If you are interested in being considered for future Board openings, you may submit a letter of intent interest to
What Does the Board Do?
The Board is an advisory board assisting in the operation of the educational programs and other school related programs at Sacred Heart School, subject to the regulations from the Diocesan Board of Education. The Board must establish overall goals and objectives and monitor progress toward these goals.

The school board remains focused on the 5-year strategic plan to guide school direction and operations through the 2018 school year.

For the 2016/2017 school year, the board plans reviewing our 5-year plan and offer leadership to launch the initiative laid out in the plan, which include but are not limited to the following.

  • Investigating capital campaign proposals
  • Recruiting alumni to establish a formal alumni association
  • Laying the groundwork for enhanced school communications, advancement and curriculum and faculty opportunities

Board’s Blog
The Sacred Heart School Advisory Board would like to remind you all that we are here for YOU!!!  The concept of an advisory school board is based on a belief in the importance and power of shared leadership.  Parents, faculty, administration, and the community work together to provide advice regarding school policies in accordance with the mission of the school and the policies of the diocese.  The primary function of the advisory school board is then to provide advice and assistance to the pastor-principal leadership team.  This is reflected in our mission statement:  The mission of the Board shall be to consult with the administration and parish to educate our children and to facilitate their development into moral, productive, and compassionate members of society.